Rosy Wedding Day Love Spell

This lovely love spell I created for as an extra little gift for my one of my nephew’s brides. It is very romantic and adds extra romance and longevity to marriage and a dash of extra sparkly magical happiness to special romantic occasions. 

Take the petals of scented roses, I preferred to give the petals freshly plucked that morning from a nice full bunch of my own Rosa gallica to my new niece and put them in a pretty little organza bag that are used as gift bags nowadays.

Then I instructed her to strew her marriage bed that night with the petals while chanting:


‘By this rose red as my heart’s blood, and by Venus may we be ever blessed in love;
Love be strong and enduring as the mighty oak of English hills,
Love be ever as exciting as starlight’s sylvan shine that over mountain spills,
Love be as romantic and soft as this rosy petals blushy kiss,
Love forever bound we must be in wedding vows held so true, may we ever know love’s bliss,
Love forever reside with me and X, may we ever bill and coo till dawns immemorial pass us by,
And nights without counting and so until we die.
So mote it be.’

Then she lit a red candle  (placing it in a safe place) when they retired to bed on their wedding night. I had previously incised the candle with their names, and the words, ‘ our love will ever be true.’

She then pressed a petal to her lips and they kissed through the petal, so ending the spell when the candle had burnt down. 

I am delighted to report that five years later, they are still an exceedingly happy couple. My niece has told me that on their anniversary they have begun the tradition of recasting this love spell together now. 

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