12 Beautiful Healing Crystals and Their Uses + Meanings

Some stones and crystals are said to align with our chakras (still with me?) and heal maladies in the associated areas of our bodies. Some can increase energy or bust a bad mood. Simply keeping crystals in your environment can do the trick, but you can also wear them (try making jewelry!) or place them on your body to harness their healing powers. 

In fact, there is a scam artist witch who will use their well-rehearsed script to get you to pay her more by saying “There is a big problem. Your lover’s current partner, the crazy one has put a hex on you by hiring someone from Africa to do Voodoo on you. I need to get a BIG crystal.. it will cost you $20K / $10K / $5K (her prices changes).” I laugh at that because of her script that people have sadly fell for. (see article about this scammer called “California Witch”) (and note: NO witch should EVER charge you THAT Much money for items to ‘help you with your case’ that is a BIG RED FLAG OF A SCAM!

That is why this ‘fake witch’ with her b.s. story about a pink crystal gave me an idea to tell you all about the healing properties of crystals and they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg (or more!). 

Here are the most common healing crystals and their meanings and uses for all sorts of purposes: 

1. Onyx: Cleanses the air and rids your home of negative energy.
2. Quartz: Helps relieve stress and frustration, eases anxiety.
3. Amethyst: Helps relieve headaches and fatigue, promotes good dreams and good skin, supports bones, joints and the respiratory system.
4. Citrine: Use to boost concentration, boost memory and spark creativity.
5. Lapis Lazuli: A touted ancient migraine remedy, supports the immune system.
6. Opal: Increases inspiration and creativity, helps with PMS and headaches.
7. Topaz: Works to balance hormones and combat aging.
8. Aquamarine: Aids with acid reflux and gastrointestinal disorders.
9. Jade: Supports the adrenal glands and relieves headaches.
10. Garnet: Good for back pain, calcium deficiencies and tissue regeneration.
11. Bloodstone: Helps regulate blood pressure and supports the circulatory system. Good for colds.
12. Agate: Detoxifies, eases anxiety.

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