Yaya Maria – orishaashe.com OrishaAshe Scam or not?

lovemagicspells has been asked if this “yaya Maria aka OrishaAshe” is a scam or is genuine. Someone on a forum named “joeyt1969 has challenged me. I did not do my research on YaYa Maria’s website at the time. I only had her listed as a link, among a list of scam websites that have been around for YEARS. Since this person on a forum has challenged me, I will be happy to show you what I have found to prove this person is a scammer.

First of all, lovemagicspells.com isn’t anything. I created this site a long time ago as indicated in my about me page. I have resurrected it recently due to the fact scammers are still at large.. scamming people out of money. I , just like others before me, and just like on the spsreview forum, will expose scammers… I just need to find documented proof. This one has had an interest in me, just like Ashra (who is a well-known scammer for years), I will do the same here:

note: see the documented information about a HUGE scam ring exposed in 2008 here..

Who is Ya Ya Maria aka OrishaAshe ? let’s start with historical data:

First site appearance: Sept. 24th, 2011:

the picture she had from the 2011 site is of :

Marie Catherine Laveau: she was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, who was renowned in New Orleans. Her daughter, Marie Laveau II, also practiced rootwork, conjure, Native American and African spiritualism as well as Louisiana or what is known today as New Orleans Voodoo.


Strike 1 : why use a picture of someone famous? Even of the past? That should be red flags!




The current website, the banner, was first used on September 12th, 2011.

This isn’t the picture of the ‘spellcaster’.. it is a montage of pictures found on the internet of famous African dancers.

Strike 2: why use images found on the internet? Now, people on the spsreviewforum will be writing nasty posts about my site as there is no ‘proof’ for the pictures that came from the internet.. true. but the proof is from 2011. She put a bunch of images together to make the current beautiful banner. Those are famous African /Caribbean Dances. They probably came from images.google.com .

Next Point to bring up:

A post from September 15th, 2015 (https://sps-review-forum.pissedconsumer.com/sps-review-forum-scam-alert-ftc-investigation-on-yaya-maria-hope-20150915700046.html):

Update by user Sep 15, 2015

As expected, many victims are coming forward after exposing SPSReviewForum as a scam on Ripoff Report.

Hope (Melissa M.), do you realize that within the last 48 hours, I received over 200 emails from people claiming you scammed them using Yaya Maria (Orisha Ashe at OrishaAshe.com)?

Yaya Maria has more scam complaints than any other psychic or spell worker online. It’s bloody obvious she is a SCAM!

The only people saying otherwise come from the fake profiles you created on your website SPSReviewForum.com

SPSReviewForum works as a platform for social brainwashing. As you read the comments of her forum you are lead to believe everyone is a scam except for Yaya Maria from OrishaAshe.com along with SpiritedEnterprise.com.

These are just a couple of her many fiction characters she uses to run her scam.

SPSReviewForum is the Queen Bee (The Hub). This forum funnels traffic to Yaya Maria, SpiritedEnterprise along with Hope’s other made-up characters.

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2015

If you are reading this report and you have used Yaya Maria of OrishaAshe.com, then you already know you didn’t see any results. You lost a lot of money and wished you found this scam report a lot sooner.

Once you do a little research, you will understand and see that the only positive comments you will find on Yay Maria only exist on SPSReviewForum. Every other website will reveal the truth; straight from the victims of Hope and her Deceptive Forum.

Found out more about “Hope”


Anonymous said…

((message for AA2 – TC here – got your mail but when I responded my service

provider warned me about junk mail – can you mail me from another provider -hotmail, yahoo, gmail, aol, etc. – sorry have to be careful – my inbox is overrun with junk mail at the moment))

More Evidence For Proof of Scammer:

She changed and got Aol and Yahoo, after that, or else she already had it. That is when she started mailing people under the e mail address gypsybee5@yahoo.com. . She claims to be a healer, yet it is evident she has a very low emotional i.q., or she would not be slamming people left and right the way she does to the point of trying to utterly ruin them.

She even has two beautiful children who lost their mother posted by someone she repeatedly says is a scammer. It’s deplorable that any human being would do something so low. The only thing is yes if Orisha.Ashe and Spirited Enterprise fully knew what they are and were doing they too should be held accountable for the SHILL, but “Hope” seems so overkill zealous in bashing some, then promoting those she does like it’s hard to tell. She is really looping out it seems and her venom has gone past just inexcusable to criminal as well as the obvious shill.

This Orisha. Ashe may very well be another victim of Hope’s. She has hurt many. Orisha.

Ashe has “failed” with spells too, but she was not bashed by Hope and her forum. That is all Hope’s doing. If Orisha, Ashe know that’s different, but she may not know of the full picture here or being able to control Hope. She has turned into one loose cannon, determined to draw blood.

Look into males and female. I thought a female, but most women have a natural protective instinct toward children, that she clearly is not showing. By the way swear yo you she is not Cheekaboo, nor that Joey. They are just posters enamored with her, in a follow the leader type of way.

“Hope” is out there, much agree, but in a cleverly psychotic way, not talking to herself. Just so ate up with blind rage, paranoia and geed she has lost all rational thinking. Please let’s stop the real scammer or if the businesses were involved them too. If it is Melissa Miller, great.

Please provide actual proof, because I do want to publish the wrong person. we want to go to the legal channels with the real person’s name and info. As a very last resort Orisha. Ashe could be questioned by police and hopefully she won’t be part of this racketeering, but something is amiss, as a sps review forum memenber, I am told “(Cheekaboo ) recently posted “Yaya” was the only one on the approved list.

Very much racketeering!

More Evidence:


more evidence found : http://www.psychicshows.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=3418&page=4 (screen pic below)


Complaints Reports:






There you have it. Another fake site, supported/ boosted by a forum.. she is just as bad as Ashra! Both fakers! Both are scam artists!

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