Why does PayPal Allow Scammers to use them?

Why do scammers use PayPal? This is a question a lot of people have been wondering. I would like to call this ‘The magical spell of why PayPal Allows Scammers to have fake business Accounts’. 

You purchased something, never received it. You never got a tracking number. You asked the seller “why haven’t I received the package?” Seller responds “it is on it’s way”. You continue to wait. You then ask the seller “can I have a tracking number for my item” Seller doesn’t provide it.. you continue to wait and bam! You realized you have been scammed.

All that money is water.. that money was to pay the bills or put food on the table.. Or perhaps, that money was for an item that you really wanted. Either way, your loss and their gain, right? Wrong. You shrug your shoulders, take a deep breath, turn on your computer and do a google search for that scammer and their business. And then more research, you type in their business and their name with the word ‘scam’ at the end.. you look at Ripoffreport (PayPal has a lot of RipoffReports filed!and other sites that people have contributed their feedback about being scammed. You gather evidence, save it on your computer and contact PayPal and say:

“I have been scammed; I want to open a dispute”.

Dispute opened. You wait.. and hope the seller (aka scammer) doesn’t respond..but the scammer is smart. He/She responds. And says thing such as “there is a tracking number” (and they do not tell PayPal what it was…). You provide documentation that they are scammers and why and how you have been scammed.. you wait and wait.. :ding: you get an email from PayPal. You pray that you got your money back only to find out that the case ended with :

             “dispute ended in seller’s favor”.

W.T.F. You are so angry that you feel like an angry cartoon character with smoke coming out of their ears. You want to screw and shout and let it all hang out. You want to throw something….. or go to the gym and do a major workout. How can PayPal result this in the seller’s favor when you have provided proof that you were scammed?

Truth? PayPal doesn’t read the documents you send them! I had a situation recently, provided documents.. 11 pages worth of evidence that PayPal is allowing scammers (Venmo also does it!). PayPal told me they do not read the documentation. They decided in the seller’s favor because I paid for the service. $550.00 + $50.00 + $100.00 . The scammer used a domain they no longer use as their business operation. PayPal should have seen that. I pointed it out! I called PayPal and they did tell me that when a decision has been made, because you paid for a service and no proof of being scammed.. or another phone call was “the seller said there was a tracking number”. I asked for the tracking number because I wanted to further prove to PayPal that this person made it up… as I never received anything… and they said :

“we don’t have it. Seller said there was one and that is why it ended in the seller’s favor”

I got off the phone with them and cried a little bit and came to a conclusion :  PayPal in 2019, doesn’t care about the buyer.  They care about the scammer and they let the scammer win. Four years ago, I was scammed over some spells.. When you are depressed, you will do anything. After spending close to $6K (yes I did!) I finally woke up and realized that I had been scammed. I contacted PayPal, told them what had happened; reported them as a scammer and got my money back asap. I do not understand what has changed from a few years ago .. .and now. Makes NO sense.

I have seen the same things on PayPal Facebook page.. people are having problems with getting their money back from a scammer. Is it a lost cause? Did you lose the money for good? Nope. Because the next thing to do is:


I should have done that in the first place to avoid the whole dispute issue. IN fact, PayPal kept telling me “call your bank”. So , dearies, if you have been scammed, call your bank first. Avoid PayPal because PayPal now-a-days do not care about victim. I have been reading on PayPal’s Facebook page that many people are having the same frustrations and all PayPal says “We understand your frustration; contact us via PM”


PayPal used to be good. Used to be what I used for everything but now, no longer. And many other people are saying the same thing. If you don’t care about the victims and seller protection, and let scammers operate their businesses with PayPal then PayPal itself has become a scam. I miss the old PayPal when they used to care for customers. Look at what people are saying on PayPal’s facebook page, they are saying the same thing. That PayPal favors Scammers. So sad!

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