White Magic vs Black Magic and Gray : the differences explained

You are into magic and you hear about  “white magic, black magic and gray magic”… and you ask yourself, what is the difference? It is like asking “are you a good witch or a bad witch?” (movie reference from “Wizard of Oz”)

So what, exactly is the difference between white, black, and gray? That depends on whom you ask. Your intention—not just what you say or do—matters. Some magicians subscribe to the following definitions:


• White magic is performed for the purpose of connecting with spiritual forces in the universe, in order to gain wisdom, insight, or enlightenment.

• Black magic is done to harm or manipulate someone else.

• Everything else falls into the gray area.

Lord of the Rings Wizard Tribute, black, gray and white magic explained :

let’s look into this further:

White Magic:


White Magic: also known as Light Magic or Natural Magic. Why? It is because nature deities is called upon This includes a variety of Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies.


Black Magic:



Black Magic is “Dark Magic”  and it is used for ‘evil’.  If black magic is used, those people will call upon the Dark Underworld Gods or Demons Of Hell for evil supernatural powers! Sometimes dark spirits, poltergeists and other evil beings can be called and if the spell is done wrong, it will backfire and bad things will happen to you. In fact, practicing Black Magic is dangerous and often takes a negative toll on a persons health. 



Gray Magic:

Gray Magic also known as “Neutral Magic” is using the Universes natural need to find a balance between the forces of good and evil.

Think Lord of the Rings Wizard 🙂 Gray Magicians utilize the best of White and Black Magic to maintain the natural order of our reality.  The highest levels of Gray Magic involve mining the pure energies of our reality that originate from the Gods that has the natural power 🙂

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