Voodoo Vs Hoodoo Vs Vodou – Differences Explained in Full Detail

A lot of these voodoo websites that people create (note: they are 100% scams! don’t fall for them!),  will say “I am a high priestess of Voodoo / Hoodoo or Vodou and I want to make your love life positive…”  Did you know there is a difference between Hoodoo/Voodoo and Vodou?

what is Voodoo?

Voodoo is an indigenous organized religion of coastal West Africa from Ghana to Nigeria. And Vodun is practiced by the Ewe people of eastern and southern Ghana, and southern and central Togo, the Kabye people, Mina people and Fon people of southern and central Togo, southern and central Benin and (under a different name) the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria. 



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What is Vodou? : 

Vodou is union or attempted fusion of different religions, cultures, or philosophies — like Halloween, which has both Christian and pagan roots, or the combination of Aristotelian philosophy with the belief system of the early punk rock practitioners

is a union or attempted fusion of different religions, cultures or philosophies (such as Halloween, that has both Pagen and Christian roots… ) and this religion practiced chiefly in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora.

Vodou originated in the French slave colony of Saint-Domingue in the 18th century, when African religious practice was actively suppressed, and enslaved Africans were forced to convert to Christianity

Check out this book via amazon.com to learn more about the religion “Haitian Vodou: Spirit, Myth, and Reality”  





What is Hoodoo?

 Hoodoo is not a religion…. it is a set of practices that comes heavily from folk magic, especially that which originated on West Africa and tends to be practiced in Louisiana, though it’s practice is not 100% restricted or limited to that region.

Hoodoo, also known as the conjure, and “Voodoo” is a traditional African-American folk spirituality that once developed from somewhere in West Africa, Native American, and European spiritual traditions.Hoodoo has some spiritual principles and practices similar to spiritual folkways in Haitian, Cuban, Jamaican, and New Orleans traditions.


Check out this amazing book called “Rootwork: using the Folk Magick of Black America for Love, Money and Success: Kindle Edition” (via Amazon) : 




Now we have that settled. I want to point out, just about all websites that claim they are ‘voodoo/vodou or Hoodoo’ high priest or high priestess are fake. Here are two big scammer sites that comes to mind:

  • Look at California Witch, to lure you into buying her scam spells, she will say “your lover hired a voodoo in Africa…” and that is how it starts. (read article here)

And if she every starts saying that, you know to think “how on earth does my lover’s ex know about voodoo???” RED FLAG!

  • : Yaya Maria aka Orishaashe.com aka Orishaashe (read the article here). They spsreviewforum.com, as of January 29th, 2019, they have 95 pages of positive reviews…. and this site is a know scam site for Orishaashe. (read the full article here)

These are just two main scams that take your hard earned money, all pretend to do ‘Voodoo’.  So is Voodoo/Hoodoo/Vodou real? Yes. Does it really do magic like these website states? The answer is no!

Then why did these scammers start these scams? Simple. Easy Money. Perhaps they were scammed themselves and decided to get their money back by starting their own scamming business. Sad isn’t it ?  Maybe President Donald Trump can get the 5.8 Billion Dollars from these scammers instead of shutting down the government? #justsayin’

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