Two Little Love Spells

Who Shall My Husband Be Love Spell:

My dears this is an ancient love spell that I’ve remembered all my life, a folk love spell passed down through generations, mother to daughter, many perhaps not even realizing that it is a love spell.

This is how to perform this spell, on the morning of the full moon, in other words when later the moon will be full, wash your face with early morning dew. That night when the moon is full and round, wash your face in fresh spring water that has been in the moonlight. Then go to bed and sleep. You will dream of the man who will be your husband.

Chocolate Party Love Spell:

Buy a bar of good quality chocolate. Hold the chocolate and chant:

‘By Venus’ power I will be loved well and true,
Chocolate good and sweet I bid by next love to come and eat.’

Then take the chocolate to a party, place it on a dish unwrapped and broken into pieces and leave it somewhere that everyone might see it, such as on a hall table. The first single person of the opposite gender to take a piece of your chocolate will be your next love.

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