The “Mimi Bieber” Scam Truth Exposed 2019

At some point you will come across “mimi bieber scam exposed” and wonder, who is Mimi Bieber, what is the whole deal about this scammer and why is there a lot of PR for him/her ? WE have the truth exposed on 

On a post dated 3rd March 2016, from complaintsboard, someone named “tuze” said that a woman named Mimi Bieber named  Mary Anani from South Africa and has a few websites : Dr nyame voodoo revenge death spells

I thought I would go more in-depth about this “Mimi Bieber”. Who is “Mimi Bieber” and why was it created? Although this is in 2016, people are STILL finding these posts and believing these ‘fake websites’. Sad, isn’t it ?

So let’s expose the scammer. Who really is Mimi Bieber? Let’s start with the old website : (no longer there) that someone posted comments via

….is out here to expose Mimi Bieber who claim to be a spellcaster exposer but i want to shock you by saying that Mimi Bieber is a spell caster from Nigeria i contacted him to help me cast a spell he asked me to pay and i paid him and he did not do what i asked him to do, He is pretending to be a woman called Mimi Bieber, do not believe Mimi Bieber SHE IS A SPELL CASTER FROM NIGERIA, A FRAUDSTER, HE IS A CROCK IN Mimi Bieber

EMAIL: Mimi Bieber
EMAIL: Mimi Bieber
EMAIL: Mimi Bieber
EMAIL: Mimi Bieber Mimi Bieber Mimi Bieber Mimi Bieber

Mimi Bieber is not real, she do not have a photo or telephone number she claim to be real”

Many sites claim that Mini Bieber is from Africa. The truth is, “Mimi Bieber” is from USA. Mimi Bieber created .

that is not all! ‘Mimi Bieber” created MANY websites… we have talked about it on this website in this article located here: The owner of is a dude named Roger! Creepy isn’t it? This dude went as far to as creating another blogspot (notice, in 2019, the ‘profile’ picture has changed) :

this screen pic came from :

However, when I went to :

“Elizabeth Williams” no longer exists and the profile picture has changed. The profile now goes by “Wendy Owen” (fake ha! Obviously this “Roger” Person created all of this):


So now we have who this spellcasterexposed person is. Why did “Roger” Create this? I can tell you why. As you know, spell casting is ‘entertainment purposes’ only. Spell Casters, most from America, one so far from Canada (::ahem:: Ashra) and other places in the world. They create several websites, to get you to buy spells from them. And when competition is happening, they create sites to expose the fakers (spell casters since they are all fake. Remember, magic is within you. You can create your own magic as magic is energy; energy is magic!) and those in return, do the same to them. It is funny… and they are all making thousands of dollars a month! 

I was recently scammed by a spell caster, the scammer went as far to claim to PayPal that they shipped the item to me and provided a fake tracking number! What the funny part is, their scam has been exposed all over the internet for years. PayPal saw the truth and their scam was stopped and victims over the years got their money back. 

So let’s do the ‘spell caster scam’ math on this situation: This whole thing reminds me of the spell caster love ring I exposed in 2008. And the sad thing, in 2019, this ‘ring’ with new and some old people are still at large! One person crates many websites, and another person sees money in the scam, and creates their own and so on. 

Today, there are THREE major ‘scam rings’ I can think of ( I am sure there are more but these are the main ones, who own many , many sites under many, many fake names.).

How much are they making? Oh I would say thousands of dollars a week. So sad, that our hard earned money are paying these scammer’s bills. They don’t have to have ‘real jobs’ as their job is a scammer is doing just fine.

President Donald Trump, here is an idea, for ‘the Wall’ money, why not go after these scammers? They have A LOT to go around!





Okay back to the reality of these huge scam rings. The websiteoutlook stats for these  THREE major players. Note , changeyourlifespells site still on top. (aka Roger aka Mimi Bieber) : ashra right now as of January 2019, her ONE site (she has many) has approx. 598 page views per day.:

changeyourlifespells for January 2019? Still King of the fake spellcaster sites ! at approx. 3.98K page views per day! 

spsreviewforum and Ya Ya Maria sites that this person owns:

January 2019, she is getting approx. 197 page views per day. So, if you see a lot of posts, that is her fake accounts on the forum talking to each other (like AOL Chat rooms and IRC chat rooms back in the early 2000’s. Remember how much fun and easy it was to create several fake names and go into the rooms and have conversations with yourself for fun? lol)

and that leaves with states for January 2019.  She has approx. 208 page views per day. When she isn’t getting enough ‘customers’, she boots YaYa on her sps forum.


So there you have it. Mimi Bieber scam exposed. These scammers do it just for PR, interesting isn’t it? 



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