the joker manipulation or evil genius

If you love Gotham, you probably love Cameron Monaghan’s portrayal of “the Joker” (although the show, for some stupid reason can’t officially use “the Joker”).  He started out as Jerome Valeska (comedy version) and later, he dies, his twin brother, Jeremiah Valeska, took over and became the not-so-funny version of the Joker. He is doing a great job as playing ‘the Joker’ and when he finally becomes Mr. J, one will wonder, why isn’t there a new season of Gotham in the works for next year (I know it has been cancelled) or maybe a new series called “The Dark Knight” , to have Cameron and the rest of the actors continue the story-line.

Every character picked for the Batman villain, is perfect for the part. Other than ‘The Joker’, the Riddler is my other favorite evil character.

So what is “the Joker”‘s weakness? Simple. He is Batman’s biggest threat. Batman hardly laughs, is solving crime, while the Joker doesn’t commit crimes because he wants to accumulate wealth. He doesn’t do anything out of hatred or anger or fear. He doesn’t seek to address past wrongs, real or imagined.

Bottom line: The Joker does it for attention

The Joker doesn’t have weaknesses. The most you can get out of him is anger.


Why is the Joker amazing?

He doesn’t get scared, unless ‘The Batman’ figures out his plan…

He is immune to poison. Yep! He has toxic immunity.

In the story arc The Clown at Midnight (Batman #663), writer Grant Morrison briefly explains why the Joker is immune not only to his toxins but to poison in general: “An avid consumer of his own chemical experiments, the Joker’s immunity to poison concoctions that might kill another man in an instant has been developed over years of dedicated abuse.” In other words, the Joker underwent a drastic, bizarre form of immunotherapy. Then again, he is the Joker, so we really shouldn’t put something like this past him.

He is an evil genius!

Whether the Joker is super sane is debatable — but everyone knows that the Joker is actually completely nuts, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t intelligent. What many people don’t understand about the character is that he’s actually a genius-level chemist.

How else would someone be able to cook up a toxin that can affect everyone but himself?  He is a genius-level intellectual who smart with chemistry and psychology (ironic, considering his condition). . So I would say, evil genius and a mastermind!  He is also great with manipulation – with a punchline joke. 


after all, “Without me you’re just a joke – without a punchline”

There have been several stories in which Batman has journeyed through the Joker’s mind. It’s a scary place to be, one that’s seemingly impossible to navigate. The best way to possibly describe the Joker’s intelligence is that he displays fleeting moments of pure brilliance that allows him to gain the upper hand against his arch-nemesis. Still, the skill he uses most is his knowledge of chemistry. Remember, he suffers from super-sanity; one day he could be a genius, and the next, he’s completely inept.

Pain resistance …

Toxic Blood, thanks to ACE Chemicals!

We already know that the Joker is not only immune to his own poisonous concoctions but also to toxins brewed by other villains, such as Scarecrow. In Batman #663, Grant Morrison suggests that all the experiments Joker conducted on himself over the years contributed towards his ability to repel poison from his body — but what if that wasn’t the only thing it did? Perhaps another reason for why Joker is immune to poison is because his blood itself is poisonous.

In the same comic issue, Morrison writes, “writhes and whines, choking on tainted blood,” Morrison wrote, referring to the mosquito dying, stating that the Joker has contaminated blood.

So is the Joker considered one of the coolest villains? You betcha!  Please, Please, Gotham, have another season OR make a new series staring the same actors/actresses. They are amazing!!!!

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