The Giving Love Spell

This humble little spell actually can do a lot of good if you have a rival for your young man or woman’s affections. I have seen it work time and again for those who found that their lover had eyes for another! Remember my dears to insert your lovers name instead of the X I am employing here. It shows that when you give, the pleasures of receiving are also found.

Write down your young man or woman’s name on a piece of paper. Then looking at this alphabet, assigning each letter a value from A-Z.


‘A’ being 1, ‘B’ being 2, ‘C’ being 3 etc. Then add up the value of your lovers name. For-instance John Smith would be 10, 15, 8, 14, 19, 13, 9, 20, 8. This equals 116. Then add the value of the letters ‘loves me.’

Then take that amount of pennies, it might £ (or whatever your currency is) 1.80 or £ (or whatever your currency is) 2.00 and donate it to charity online or by post and as you do so chant this incantation:

‘As my love is good and true,

All my love I give to you,

Love as strong as I can give,

Given freely do I give,

By Venus’ power so rare,

May your love X for me alone live,

Giving is what I do,

All that’s good I give to you,

Now my Love to me do give,

And may we be happy as long as we live,

So mote it be.’

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