Spell caster – How to find a real one and not a Scammer

Finding a Real Spell Caster and not a scammer with the way google and search engines alike make it harder to find. If you are curious how to tell the difference between a real spell caster and a scammer, chances are you have been scammed and you want to know how to find a real one, correct?

Every week, I expose scammers (see the list here). I, too, had been scammed nearly 10 years ago. I know what it is like to have hope, only to have it taken away by the so- called spell casters who take your money and send you a pre-made template (don’t worry, Ashra, I won’t show an example of your templates on here, although it IS all over the internet and people who have been scammed by you , have submitted them to me over the years. I will be a lady, dearie, and not post them on here)

It is interesting to find that this so-called ‘love spell caster scam ring’ is still hot today as it was in 2008 when I exposed it (see article here). Some of those people, STILL own the sites today in 2019! To sum up the ‘Love spell caster scam ring’, basically one person owned many websites.. and the chain reaction took place. Perhaps people were scammed out of hundreds or thousands and thought about a way to get their money back by making their own ‘scam spell casters site’. Sad, isn’t it?? The scammers give us false hope, response by giving fake templates and laughing their way to the bank with our hard earned money while we have to pay the bills. They don’t have a heart; and do not care – THAT, my friends is a fake spell caster, a scammer.

So how can you tell the difference?  As you know, dearie, magic ALWAYS comes with a price and magic is power!

Let’s start with the reality of what a ‘witch’ is… it isn’t hocus pocus.. Any spell caster that charges a spell is a major red flag. Materials do not cost that much! Let’s look at one example: This one (see article about scam exposed :  (two parts. Part 1 here and Part 2 here). Notice she ‘sells spell packages’ for $450, $550 and $700 . Those pictures, by-the-way, are from places such as shutterstock  – information is in the part 2 article).  The pictures look beautiful and you think , if you have professional photos, then this witch is a true spell caster.. nope! scammer! They will say the cost of materials are expensive! 

Cost of materials:

Herbs, are super cheap! no where near $50 and more.  I see them as cheap as $1.99 !  Or if you have the seeds, you can grow them yourself! check out this example:


So if a spell caster is charging you a lot of money for a ‘spell’ that 1. you don’t see them perform and 2. they send you beautifully created templates, my dear, that is major red flag – SCAM.  In fact, spell casters should NOT be charging you money! Why?


Also,Witchcraft isn’t just “I want someone to fall in love with me and I’m not going to pay you with money” because making someone fall in love with you is unethical for some witches but not for others and some witches will do some spells for free and others will only ever do paid spells.

Also, the fact that magick done by your own hands is way stronger than anything another witch could do for you because it is you doing the magick, the one with all intentions and your own power to influence the situation, rather than an outsider to the situation.

If possible, do the spell yourself. If you do the spell yourself and you put in the work required after the spell, that the universe will be more likely to fall in your favor.  

Remember  a large percentage of people who profess to be spell casters are actually manipulative con men and women, who see a deep human need they can exploit for financial gain. I would be incredibly suspicious of anyone offering to cast spells for money.

Stay away from nearly all websites that promise you love spells and false hope.. that cost you money. If you want to do it for entertainment, then $5 bucks is all you should spend , otherwise, don’t waste your money and learn to do it yourself 🙂

Featured picture source: istockphoto.com


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