Should a Witch Charge for Spell Casting?

My dears, this has been a topic for years. It bothers me that I see many web sites out there that charge an arm and a leg for spells! Most of those sites are scams! In fact it was I who wrote the article in 2008 about the ‘scam ring’ for spell casting. How one or two people own several sites of the same topic. These scam artists were making money off of your sadness, off of your heartache, when in reality you have the magic within you!

Everyone has magic and you don’t need a magic wand like Harry Potter or spend a lot of money on items (as a person, myself who does Wiccan Spells, I never charge for spell casting! I do it on my own and you can do it it too!) as the scam spell caster says they need the money for that. Meanwhile, you are wondering, where are the results? why are they taking so long?

The spell caster, who is charging you money, will ask for more and say “it can take 1 week up to  6 months for the spell to work” which is true HOWEVER , to see results you have to put the work in yourself!

Whenever you cast a spell, or recite a chant, always do it 7 times for 7 days a week.  You can do it any time of the day; You don’t have to have a candle, but it is ideal to have! If the spell is about love, you can stare at your lover (or crush)’s picture on the phone/computer/paper, and recite the spell/chant.

So should you pay for spells? It is up to you. I would say no.

What are Wiccan Spells? If you want to know, here is a lovey Wikipedia article about the topic. It isn’t evil. (although some might say it is, I can tell you, that it isn’t) It is nature. That, however, is another topic, for another day.

You can cast the spells yourself! I have listed a lot of Free Love Spells for you to do at home (remember, repeat them 7 times; for 7 days a week).


There is a book I love that I want to share, called “T he Mists of Avalon”  (there was a movie made from the book many years ago, here is the opening scene, this is what I think about when I think about Magic. Nature; Herbs, ancient times) You can get the book via . This is a wonderful book I love and you should read it. The ages of old brought back to life.







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