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How to deal with your ex during the first stages immediately following a break-up:

My dears there are positively thousands of people who are love spell successes, some of them are even celebrities of whom we’ve all heard. So what does it take to be a love spell success? How can we ensure that our love spells bring us full results? I’m often asked this question and I have a few tips. 

Firstly my dears, the hardest thing you can do which will help is to train your brain to discard any negative thoughts on the matter, such as ‘She hates me, I’m a loser no wonder, I’m surprised she didn’t vomit when I kissed her anyway.’ This just wont do, we must think, ‘ She loves me, no wonder I am just superb, she knows it.’ 
This is very helpful, so do try to build yourself up in your mind and think nice thoughts about yourself and your future together.

Do try not to seem to chase the object of your affections, the chased animal always runs. But rather you need to steal up on them and throw the net from behind, which is what your love spell is doing. They have hurt you and will do so again given the chance, so we wont let them have that chance now shall we? No, we wont, they are going to be begging at your feet for your favours, so do not seem to do anything obvious to try to win them back, subtly is your keyword.

The less you push yourself forward the more power you have, the more they think they’ve lost their charm and begin to find you entrancing again. Just after leaving you they think that they have you in their palm, they might come back at any moment and you, they imagine, would spin your hat in the air with joy. This idea, of the power they assume they have must be quickly dispelled. They will contact you after the break-up, wait for it and be prepared. Leave them wondering about you in all ways, are you being courted by a new young man? Well are you? Let them wonder.

Do you still love them? Let them wonder. Would you have them back and roll out the red carpet, you know the answer – let them wonder! This insecurity that lack of certainty is giving them is all to the good my dears, very much to the good. Because perverse as mankind invariably is, it is when they SUSPECT that you have moved on, they are not sure, sure of nothing at all, let them doubt their very names they are so confused, that is when they will panic straight back to you. By taking away their certainty, you have removed that cosy rug from under their feet – that very rug which made them feel secure enough to leave you.

At all times, be nice to them, be yourself, do not seem to push them away either, remember how you were when you first met them and try and behave in the same manner, not vastly interested perhaps, but friendly, warm and nice. Treat them in the relaxed manner of an old chum, not an old lover, until that is they show they want so much more from you again, which they will.

So my dears, no weeping nor wailing down the telephone to them. No sending them texts or emails unless in response to theirs, do not hammer down their doors, as I keep quoting Bo Peep, ‘leave them alone and they’ll come home wagging.’ Good luck to you all my dears, and remember thousands have got results and so will you and a little thought and preparation goes a long way.

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