Refresh Love Love Spell

It can happen sometimes that love can grow stale. We become accustomed to all the things we love about another and fail to notice them any longer and so love may dwindle.

This is not what we want is it! So I created this love spell to refresh and renew love for lovers everywhere. It uses the passing of one planet to another’ s reign to move things alone nicely.

In the spring or summer, when the sun rises with that glorious dawning glow, this is the time to cast this love spell. Think of it as love’s spring cleaning. Rise from your bed an half an hour before dawn is due to rise. Go to a window or into a garden and see the moon still in the sky as the dawn slowly rises.

At the moment that you see both celestial bodies in the sky at the same time, it may be brief, chant:

‘Oh Moon that silvers night’s dark,
Oh Sun that gilds the early lark,
Between old and new am I,
As you both light this sky,
By your powers renew for me,
Love as hot as the Suns’ fire,
Love as exciting as Moon time desire,
May old become new and new withal constant,
Renew this love, that with my lover I do share,
May our love be gilded and sylvan ere,
So mote it be.’

Now go back to bed and look forward to a very happy time.

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