Love Spells and Why Results Can Take a Little Longer Sometimes

Love spells are very persistent, they understand their mission and they understand exactly what needs to be done but sometimes impediments can temporarily block their paths. This means that your love spell will then take longer to achieve it’s aim.

You may hear of someone who gets their love spell results in twenty four hours from casting, how unfair, you may think, why them and not me, and as you may well be already feeling low, you may well even conclude that somehow the gods or universe spurns you and loves you less than this fortunate person. My dear this is never the case, never! We are all equally loved and important, from the beggar to the King, none are higher nor more valued by the gods or God, we are all equal in the only circles that really count.

So if you are not less worthy, why do some people’s love spells take longer or even so much longer than others? My dears the reason is simple, those obstacles, but what sort of obstacles can hinder and delay your results?

I have had a young friend whose family did not like her young man, and he, it eventually turned out, could not stand one minute more of them, much as he was drawn to her. In the end we realized the nature of the block and she simply reassured him that he would never again have to suffer her family’s company. Her father was in the army and was an imposing man with a grudge against this young fellow for having snaffled his only child’s affections and then leaving her broken hearted. I also cast a love spell for her, to bring amity between her father and her young man. I cannot say they ever now share a cosy pint ever, but they do get on well enough for it not to be a bother anymore to either party.

Families and friends who have your love’s affection and loyalty can cause blockages if they have any influence over his or her thoughts and found you wanting. It is hard to shift such negative energy, but we can always try and love spells will always try to protect your relationship from bad outside influence.

Another blockage can be caused by your love’s confusion. When a young person leaves the one they still love, and yes they will still love you, it is painful for them, so their love pulls them one way, your love spell heaves in on same side of the tug of war, but their minds can be so confused that although being with you makes good sense, they pull the other way, they are for a little time, incapable of good sense. One must sometimes wait for this young person to wake up and smell the buns.

Distance is no blockage for love spells, your love may live in Khartoum, you in Manchester, the love spell works just the same. The blockage here may result in your love spell being unable to engineer chance meetings for you to to bump into each other, as it may do otherwise.

Many a blockage is caused by rivals hanging onto your love. So the love spell, if so primed, first has to dislodge this person and then get back to it’s main task.

Another frequent cause of blockages is simply that as afore mentioned, when someone leaves their love they are wounded, this often causes sadness and even depression and therefore they are not feeling like or capable of action of any sort, until they pull themselves out of the doldrums.

Love spells can teach us all lessons, you will both learn about yourselves and what really makes you tick and what is truly valuable to you, but whatever may hinder your love spells temporarily, they will succeed, always, if you truly love the person that you wish were by your side, they will be. And as long as you have love spells cast with love in your heart, no malice, or revenge, and have no wish to harm another, your love will see you through.

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