Love Spells Scam Ring Exposed in 2008 and in 2018

This is updated from my 2008 post that exposed a HUGE Spell Caster scam ring – and is still valid for 2018 (in fact I updated it for you!).

note: here is a HUGE list of scam sites, most still exist, since 2008 and it is 2018!

This is a warning; before hiring a spell caster, know a little history about a huge scam ring from 2008. We will be adding more.

Sadly it has been drawn to my attention that a group of scammers are operating a massive network of internet spell casting website scams – they have as many as 90 websites, some of my sources quote 100 or more.

For the last 20 years these fake witches have been offering love spell casting services via the internet, until now – today, every other spell casting website on the internet is one of theirs, and FAKE.

They employ fake witches to chat to you on the phone, use models on their websites, in fact they use every trick in the book. This webpage will expose them, and as their new websites appear they will be added to the list below. Scams cannot sue me for being honest.

Firstly, there are some real and genuine witches on the internet, BUT unfortunately the scammers have spent in some cases up to 5 years posting “X is a fake” anywhere they can.

You might be happy with your witch until you stumble across some very upsetting reports, your heart starts beating fast as you realise you have been the victim of a scam, your witch has conned lots of people in pain – lists of victims claiming they were scammed are before your very own eyes on your computer screen. In actual fact you haven’t been scammed, your witch is genuine, but he/she has been the victim of the scammers and one of their hate campaigns – which most witches are, at one time or another, therefore, the scammers are taking over the spell casting industry – every other spell casting website is theirs.Take a look at this screen shot I’ve just taken of search results for ‘love spells’ – Andreika and (site went down in 2016):

Now look at these two sites: (still exists as of 2018) (note in 2008, and still exists today : : redirects to calastrology. So this “Andreika” also owned that site!)

and : (still exists as of 2018) :

And one more, the oldest site they had :

These are websites ran by the same person, and yet the look very different, different people will reply to you, but nevertheless they are part of the same massive scam (from 2008; and yet these websites still exist in 2018! and scamming you and I!) – with 80+ they have many people working for them, but no real witch or psychic would work for them of course, only low life after ££$$!

They run a fake love spells review website: (site was up in 2008 and still works today, in 2018) which suggests you use the following three

websites: (still exists in 2018!), (site existed in 2008 and still exists today in 2018):

and finally: (site existed in 2008 and still exists today in 2018):

 anyone who has done the slightest little bit of research knows the golden rule is NEVER to talk about love spells. Do you know how many people have been duped in these 3 websites that is ran by the same person? Many. And it needs to stop! (that now, in 2018, redirects to: scam, the photos are of a model. No information about Voodoo, because she knows nothing about Voodoo. this is possibly their oldest website that is still that has stopped running, here is a screen pix of what the site used to look like:

These scammers are laughing all the way to the bank. Good luck getting your money back! Most of them have TOS . One I love , Ashra Kohen (a well-known scammer across the web for years. In fact she creates websites and then posts on her forum that “impersonator”. Also most of the people posting on her forum are only one person: “Ashra” herself.  This is what she has on her sites:

Metaphysics are more of an art than a science, and even the most gifted spell casters will not be successful every time. Anyone who says otherwise is not being completely honest with you. I care a lot about every person I have had the honor of helping. If you have any concerns regarding your spells or something else that has been on your mind, please do not hesitate to contact me immediate. … (cont..) Once a purchase has been made and services delivered by,, Ashra Spells, Ashra or Ashra Koehn, it is a final sale, there are no refunds, reimbursements or replacements.

Sad isn’t it? No refunds for a ‘spell scam’ ?  Every company has a refund policy! However, scammers, apparently do not.

Below is a list of their scams – from 2008 all the way until now, 2018. Most of these links do not work, I am keeping this list up for reference.

Please do not write to me asking for recommendations, use your intuition, and find a website that looks good, READ everything, decide if you can trust the witch, then email them. Ask yourself if you trust them? What do you feel? Feel not think, your gut feelings will not let you down, but your head might.

Also, youtube has yet another list of fake spell casters. And in truth, a spells shouldn’t be recorded, they must be kept a secret. Only thing I agree with for Youtube Spell Casters if they are teaching you how to cast a spell. Not charging:

Back to the list. They are using YouTubes and DVDs (they don’t supply them really) to convince you they are real – but no one actually has a DVD recording of their spell, and spells shouldn’t be recorded anyway, they must be kept a secret. The YouTubes are just faked up silliness. They have other videos:

Scam list 2018:

Here is a HUGE list of Love Spell Casters Websites, that existed since 2008 – and it is 2018 (website link) is a Fake Review Website  about spellcaters. On the website you will find only fake spellcasters as Fake Reviews about them. This guy has also a website on Facebook:

The  websites listed below belong to this Psychic Scam:

Ashra (biggest scammer of all!) :


and she owns many more, that were looking for you 🙂


Scam list – they are creating new websites constantly. (from 2017) :

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