Jessyka Winston Scam or Business Truth

Question I received was: Jessyka Winston – hausofhoodoo , is she a scam or is she real? This is what I found out. I was reading on the sps forum that this person has a website called “”, other than that, there is much about the website owner. There was a comment on the forum which read:

“She’s definitely a somebody and knows her stuff. And you get what you pay for. People want cheap readings but thats what they pay for. And you are paying for a service. It takes a lot of energy to do spells and readings. Ive used her candles and they work. I think her reviews and the fact her candles sale out in 5 to 10 mins speaks for itself . Ive used her candles and they work. I think her reviews and the fact her candles sale out in 5 to 10 mins speaks for itself””

This made me do a little digging about the website. First let’s do a history search on the owner. She first owned a website (no longer around) called ” Corks & Leather”. I really liked the website, wonder why that didn’t stay…

the site seems to be around

Jul 2012 – Sep 2017


I know from experiences that sometimes websites do not workout. you have an idea, you make it happen with a website, the idea fails because of the way the SEO for search engines.. , no much traffic = not much of a business. I had a few websites (not in metaphysics category. More of blogging about random things category lol).


Then I looked at the current website “” . Created in April of 2016. I really liked the site, but something just didn’t sit right with me. (the picture to the left is what the site looked like in 2016).

I do like the fact that is the actual picture of the hoodoo-caster (you might ask how do I know, the truth is, I did my research ;0) ).


It is a legit business (on paper)…. the question is it? That is something you decide. The only issue I have are her candles: they sell for $29 each and they are sold out. Candles for $29?? That is crazy isn’t it? 

the answer is yes! Because why would she sell a candle for $29 a piece? Did she make them? The answer is no. The bought them from a company. How did I know? Check out this website: Everyday Magic. The SAME candle is $11.50 each. and says “by wisdom products”

So then I went to wisdom products they sell candles for $7.95.

Then I found the same candle at Atlanta Candles & Incense website that you can by wholesale for $4.75 

$29.00 – $4.75 =  $25.25 per candle profit (if I did that right lol)

She is smart with business, however, with the age of the internet, people can google, yahoo or whatever they use for search and look for the same item somewhere else to pay a better price. 


So is she a scammer? You decide. I just think she marks up her candles too much. I believe she does practice the art of Hoodoo.



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