Jean Emmanuel Scam Exposed

Have you heard of They have been around since the early 2000’s, in fact I covered that in one of my articles here.





So this site is 100% a scam!  Let’s look at the history.

The site was registered:

Registered: August 17, 2011  [7 years old]
Updated: August 12, 2017  [1 year ago]
Expiry: August 17, 2019  [6 months left]

More search into this ‘’, this person is from the UK – at least that is what it says on ‘internet paper’. Has a different name registered. What this tells me is that this was one of the first sites he made up. Created others with various names.

notice no. 12. Site no longer exists. I did a webarchive search:

 Looks familiar – for wording of other site, extremevoodoo? or 

Noting: was this website: (site no longer exists. Here is a screen picture of it from 2010) :

 domain info for that former website, that this person owned:

  • Administrative Contact:
    J. E. Rogers (
    9 Ruelle Oxide Jeanty
    Route De Freres
    Petionville, Haiti 356-9867 HT
  • Status: Locked
  • Name Servers:
  • Creation date: 05 Oct 2010 14:48:02
    Expiration date: 05 Oct 2012 14:48:00

Pictures this scammer used on their website; they got from a istock picture: 

Here, is a picture on the ‘about me'( that has snakes on it. .is a istock picture. in fact all the pictures came off istock. interesting isn’t it ? … o-1881.php … carver.php

wait there is more!



the one site he had registered:

Address doesn’t exist! – STRIKE 1 !

Phone number (509.2250103) is from Haiti :

The Haiti country code 509 will allow you to call Haiti from another country. Haiti telephone code 509 is dialed after the IDD. Haiti international dialing 509 is followed by an area code. The Haiti area code table below shows the various city codes for Haiti. (source:
Phone number can be easily faked. Moving on to next point.

typical phone number for Haiti has 8 digitis. AFTER the 509 area code:

2250 103 See example below from Wikipedia:

Country Code: +509
International Call Prefix: 00

Nationally Significant Numbers (NSN): eight digits.

Format: +509 XX XX XXXX

this is the number given: 509 22 5 0103 (missing a digit)

Number is FAKE – Strike 2 !


Strike 3: More Evidence :

Raven ( : located in New York:

I did a search on that site: 

Owner: darkwisp wispy
Company: black magic and genies
Geolocation: Cairo, Egypt
Email: (2 domains)
the 2 domains are: 

1 Network Solutions, LLC 4 May 2015 16 Aug 2016 4 May 2018
2 Network Solutions, LLC 6 May 2015 6 May 2015 6 May 2016

Note: It is not uncommon for people to register many websites under fake names. Ashra has done that! Here is an example, all she did was add her name in various websites she registered just to give her site a PR boost:  (article we wrote talking about it here)

Screen pic of google search:



check out the ripoffreport:


Conclusion : is 100% a scam website!

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