How to Treat Your Love Spell Witch for Happy Results

My dears, I have very few witch friends who would choose to work for the public on the internet. Why? Because the selfless dedication to duty that is required of witches by their clients is too much for any soul to bear. Clients expect witches to be at their beck and call 24/7. They expect immediate answers to their emails, they can get furious to the point of frothing at the mouth if their emails aren’t answered yesterday. They expect spells to be cast the moment they decide to ask for them and they certainly do not expect their witch to have a life outside fulfilling their demands. And no wonder, the poor dear hasn’t time for her own life with the huge demands made on her by clients.

I know of one lovely love spells witch who has worked non stop for the last six years without one day off except Christmas day and Boxing day to be with her family. She dare not take a weekend off, nor go on holiday, her clients might need her and would not understand that she has human needs too. She has no time even for a relationship, her clients do not allow her the time off. She cannot remember the last time she read a magazine, a good book or a film and has no idea who the current crop of film stars are, she knows only the constant mewling cries of the ever hungry mouths of clients.

She likes most of her clients and does worry for them when their results are slow to materialize or when a new client is in despair over the break up of a marriage. But this witch hardly sleeps, she has no time for sleep because of servicing the unending needs of clients. On waking she finds many pointless emails from the curious to which she responds, as she cannot tell immediately who is serious about asking for a love spell and who is not. These wasters of time, time being so precious to her, as she has none, ask questions and then do not go on to have love spells cast, or worse, are rude. She then has to answer and soothe the worries of her clients, who treat her like an all knowing magic nanny.

So after a whole day answering emails this witch then goes on to cast love spells for clients until the early hours. A few hours sleep and she is back at her post, comforting, advising, explaining in a never ending cycle of angst from the public. When a family member was recently ill, this poor witch worried about her clients indignant reaction because she had to be by a hospital bedside and not at the beck and call for a day. This is the unenviable lot of the witch on the internet.

So do remember when emailing your witch about your love spells not to do it daily, not to send long emails but keep to the point succinctly. If she doesn’t answer you in 48 hours she has either died or has collapsed from exhaustion, so be patient, she is doing you favors and offering an incredible service, and is not your employee. Your happiness depends upon her work and not the other way around.

Give her a lift by telling her briefly if you’ve had any nice results, and thank her nicely, remember it is all her doing, not yours. But remember too, out of consideration, to tell her not to bother to answer, unless your email requires an answer because you really need the overworked dears advice.

And do remember that witches are very intelligent, hard working, altruistic, spiritually developed women, career women, who owe you nothing expect for what you have paid, so show some respect, remember you are talking to a witch, and a lover of humankind she may be, but don’t push it.

So please do remember at all times to pay your witch the courtesy you would any dignified and highly intelligent person, and they will appreciate your custom, and be as delighted as you when you get your love spells results. They do want you to be happy, try to make sure it isn’t at the expense of their nerves or well being.

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