How to Remain Happy Once You Have Your Love Spell Results

My dears, many people, once they have their love spell results seem to click straight back into the former ways of behaving that contributed to driving their lovers away in the first place. This is not only odd, it’s perverse, one would imagine that they would be so happy they would try to improve anything that was destructive in their former relationship (on the return of a lover, it is a new relationship). But no, people rarely do, they just continue to behave in ways that are not conducive to keeping their special someone by their side in the long term.

Their young gentleman or woman returns with the happy hope that this time all will be new and better. But the person who has had the love spell cast often reverts to type and so all may soon be spoiled once more. This is not what we witches want for you my dears, we have cast love spells at unspeakable hours, raised ourselves from the land of Nod, and spent much energy trying to bring you happiness, but we can’t stop you if you will continue to do things that will spoil your chances of keeping this happiness.

So my dears, while waiting for love spell results I want you all to do yourself a big favour, and consider your former relationship. Don’t sit there maudlin, weeping over the good things, they’ll be back, but take a good deal of time to consider the negative aspects of your relationship and how you contributed to this. No-one is perfect and you must have done at least some things that weren’t conducive to your love’s happiness. It may be that you did little that was negative but had small habits that eventually drove them to despair with irritation.

Or perhaps you slept with all their friends, either way these patterns must be stopped for your own future happiness. And this process is vital because it may well come to the point when your love wants to discuss this matter and how you and they, will change things next time around, before they will return. They may want reassurance that you understand your part in the break-up so that it wont happen twice. You may say to yourself, ‘but I did nothing wrong,’ and that my dears is a big fat untruth.

You must examine your own past behavior, not to make yourself feel guilty, guilt is destructive now, but so that you can make it better next time. Perhaps by normal standards, you did do nothing ‘wrong,’ but perhaps you are naturally very passive when they prefer a partner who is dominant sometimes.

If you know or suspect this to be true, start today and practice asserting yourself in small and then larger ways, asserting yourself does not mean trampling others to get your way, it means calmly and clearly stating what you will or will not do, what you do or do not want, using humor is always a good ploy. One young thing I know is seeing a very nice young man, but he can get a bit ‘uppish,’ trying to dominate her.

If she were to let him do this all the time, he would quickly become bored, so when he gets too ‘uppish,’ she uses humor to put him in his place and he likes it! Fore-instance he did not like her eye-shadow, and said so, he was attempting to control her, so she smiled at him and said, ‘ I must make a note of that and keep it somewhere safe ‘ gave him a surprised smile and stared at the bin pointedly with a cheeky smile. She continued to wear that eye-shadow whenever she wished, I believe she has read books on dealing with men and she’s very good at it. She signaled she was not going to be a passive pushover, nor would he be able to ever push her around.

So you see, when I say examine what you may have done that might have been better done, I do not mean that you are looking for obvious faults necessarily, but dissecting the relationship and seeing how in future it could be put back together into a happier and more fulfilling shape for both of you. Above all, do not repeat negative patterns of the past and with love spells you can remain happily reunited.

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