How to get full refund from a spell caster or psychic

In 2008 (and again in 2018), I wrote about the “love Spells Scam Ring Exposed” (If you haven’t read it, you should!). The internet grew from dial-up AOL and Prodigy Internet. We now had Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Askjeeves and others. Google, by this time was taking over the world and so were scammers. Especially those who ‘cast spells’.   If you are reading this article, you probably were, at one point, a victim of a ‘sell casting scam’. I was and it really pisses me off that these spell casters laugh their way to the bank while we, the people, have hope for love, money and more.


If you want to know how to get a refund from the scammers and I mean a FULL refund, the answer is at the bottom of this article 🙂 

Spellcasters will promise all the bells and whistles and feed into you to give you hope. After a little bit, you start to question, was I just scammed?? Nothing has happened.. and bam! you want your money back! If you were smart enough, you used PayPal and hope that PayPal will in good faith return the money to you, sadly, in 2019, when you provide ripoffreport or any kind of documentation, they will not listen and will let the scammers win. Sad, isn’t it ? Check out this mini conversation via facebook I had with PayPal recently : 

PayPal back in the day will refund you if you provide proof. Here is the problem, when we are at a ‘low’ point, we think spells will work, so we google for a spell caster that has a beautifully done site, and in our eyes looks legit .. so we buy. My favorite scammer is Ashra Koehn. She is a well -known scammer; has been doing this scam for years (see the article I wrote about her). You buy a spell and she gives you a beautifully well-versed pre-made template, with the subject in your email “you spell has been cast!” . The beautiful story makes you smile, puts you in a good mood in hopes that you will get your lover to come back to you.

Then your hope fades. Your lover hasn’t spoken to you. The spell caster assures they will and will suggest more spells ; even includes a free recast once the spell hasn’t been work (note: recast is because of PayPal’s 180 day rule!) Smart isn’t it ? They will create message boards dissing other competitors. (example, “who owns spellcastersexposedscams website” article). you question then and they said because of being negative, that is why the spell won’t work. Or they will use “for entertainment purposes only” in their TOS on their website, to show PayPal they are ‘legit’. 

You are frustrated and want to cry.. because you lost a lot of money. Here is one I found on ripoffreport site for Ashra (I use Ashra Koehn as an example because she has been scamming people for years and people STILL go to her) : 

Let’s face it… once you realize you have been scammed, you wake up from that spell you were in: the spell of “lost hope” because now you have hope: You are stronger and realize that magic is within you. You have magic, but it isn’t all Harry Potter! It is just thinking positive thoughts; believing that you can do it, making your own reality from positive energy –

You should NEVER have to pay for spells!


In reality folks, these so called ‘spellcasters’ are scammers. To advertise that they can cure anything.. give you hope. And it is FALSE hope. The question now remains, why do these scammers still have presence on the internet after all these years? Why does PayPal or Venmo let the scammers run their scamming company (even after you report to the companies they are scammers?)  . Here is an email from Venmo, after I got scammed and wanted a refund :


The scammer violated Venmo and because I never used Venmo before, I assumed it was like PayPal. I had to ‘friend’ the person (the spellcaster), send the money and that spellcaster faker got the money.. once I woke up from the ‘spell’ of being ‘stupid’ , I requested a full refund (the amount was nearly $6 thousand dollars once I added it all up! Yikes!)

Just like PayPal, Venmo would not get me a refund. Both suggested I go to the bank.

So how do you get a refund? Ready to know the secret? 

Call your bank; Tell them you did not authorize any of the transactions. And that is it! (provide any documentation you can find to prove they are a scammer to the bank).

With in 10 days or per whatever bank rules are, you will get your money back!  When there is a will there is a way. Don’t let these scammers get the upper hand! They need to be stopped.

If you are wondering, did i get my full $6K refund? Yep! and I ‘unfriended’ them, blocked them, changed my bank information (be sure to do that!).. and I now can pay my bills 🙂 



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