How to communicate with your Spirit Guides – Easy to do!

Everyone has faith; Everyone believes in Angels and everyone believes in Spirit Guides. I bet you have met yours.. you just haven’t opened up to listen. You know that gut feeling you feel when something is wrong or right? That is your spirit guide telling you to wake up and listen…

You know when your favorite song comes on the radio you haven’t heard in years? That is your spirit guide communicating with you. In fact, recently, when I was being scammed..before I realized it because I was depressed, the scammer wanted $10K from me. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the smell of my grandmother’s perfume filled the air.. that made me wake up and smell the coffee, or in this case the perfume. Although it might have been my grandma communicating with me.. I also like to think it was my spirit guide.

She communicates to me in my ‘right ear’ . I never understood why. When did I ‘meet’ her? I was about 19. I woke up spiritually. And if you want to know about her, her name is Rita, she lived in England during Queen Victoria’s time. She wasn’t rich; wasn’t poor. Had a farm house just outside of Norfolk. She has an English accent. I don’t have an English accent. in fact I am American.  I didn’t believe that I was talking to ‘ Rita’ until I went to England to the village she was from and that accent was exactly what I was hearing.

How did I communicate with her? How can you talk to yours? I am going to tell you as it is easy as making Apple Pie! Yum! And we all LOVE Apple Pie! – Yep, time to insert an American Pie Joke reference :



What you should know is that ‘talking’ with spirits is a clairaudient a way of learning to hear them through your mind. It is something is learned, not something that just happens overnight.  It takes months to practice, as it takes months ; just give it time. I had my spiritual awakening at 19… and you will laugh when it happened. I bought David Icke’s The Biggest Secret book at Boarders Book store (remember that place?) with my friend.. we were reading about the conspiracies.. a lot of it was interesting and there was some truth to what he had said.  (great book, if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! ) …. I remember meditating and analyzing what he had said. I had met some of those “World Leaders” over the years and I knew things didn’t make sense..


Then I had to make a report about the New World Order, a phrase that many world leaders had referenced over the 1000 years… and was talked about in David Icke’s book. I handed it to my teacher, who was a former politician and he told me in private what I wrote was true but best not to talk to the world about it as most don’t want to hear the truth. (someday I will upload the paper!) .. Years later, I worked in politics and I got to see for myself what my professor was talking about; what I had written about (I didn’t reference David Icke in my paper, I used valid sources from politicians and their speeches)


With that said, as I worked on my paper and analyzed what David Icke wrote I had this strange ringing in my ear – at first I thought it was an ear infection but the ringing turned to echoing.. and then I heard this little English voice, who I learned was my spirit guide named ‘Rita’.  At first, I thought it was odd that I had a voice in my head.. but after a bit, of learning and understanding… she only came when I asked for her or when my ‘gut’ was speaking to me.. I later thought I was the coolest person in the world that I could talk to my spirit guide, only to find out many others can! 

so how do you do it? here is how! This is super easy!

First Part: Clear Your Mind. This is meditation  (see article for 11 AMAZING ways that meditation is important in everyday life) ! 

  1. Find a quiet place, where you won’t be interrupted. turn off or silence your phone, then: lie or sit down.
  2. Get comfortable. 
  3. Focus on your breathing or practice any other techniques to clear your mind. This is the first step to any meditation. (put on meditation music. This is the one I use)


Second Part: Contacting the Spirit

  1. Ask politely something like this (modify if needed): “[Spirit’s name], I wish to be blessed with your presence, if it is in my best and highest interest. I have cleared my mind for us to communicate and I will wait here for your response.”

or say “I wish to communicate with my Sprit Guide…the one who is showing me the way in life”

  1. Wait. Just keep breathing and don’t seek anything. When you hear a spirit, you’ll be surprised at the “volume” of the thought. It will just sort of hit you, or you know something was said that you didn’t think. You don’t need to seek their voice, just stay still and internally present.
  2. Be confident! You can hear and you probably are just waiting for the spirit. It’s a good idea to ask a couple, or to address your guardian. Then you’re more likely to get a response.
  3. Once getting a response, ask if they are [spirit’s name]. You want to make sure you’re talking to the right person! It’s also a safe thing to say “if you are not _____, please leave, unless they directly instructed you to communicate with me and you are here in my best and highest interest.”


Remember: not all spirits will respond. You don’t need EPV equipment to talk to them as the spirit world is around us; you just have to believe! Some spirits are sassy and can be a pain ; some are polite. When my spirit guide is ‘upset’ with me. she will close communication until I apologize and realize why she is upset. Then communication is open again 🙂 

Other things:

  • Sometimes the spirits won’t leave, and they can be distracting in your day (but you can shut off your hearing just by intending to).
  • Some spirits like new friends. Prepare yourself for a relationship in case the spirit is seeking to know you. They have feelings too!
  • Don’t forget to be cautious before contacting every new spirit. Better safe than sorry!
  • Trust yourself. If you’re meant to hear, you will. If not, try again tomorrow.
  • You probably won’t hear a distinct voice for every spirit. Some people do, but most just intuitively know who they’re talking to. Spirits have the same “voice” as your own thoughts a lot of the time.


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