Find My Valentine Love Spell

For all you young things with romance in your hearts but no-one special to share this with yet, I created this love spell.

You will need one red candle, that has not yet ever been lit. One length of red ribbon. All the hope and desire in your heart. One piece of cotton cloth, about the size of a handkerchief. One sewing needle, and some red silk thread.

Take your piece of cloth and drawer a nice big plump heart upon it, about the size of your hand’s palm. Now thread your needle with your red silk thread. Light your red candle, placing it somewhere safe from draughts or anything that might fall into it. Now take up your needle and sew careful stitches around the heart line you have drawn onto your cloth, until you have embroidered with your thread completely around the heart with red silk thread. You should then have a pretty red heart outlined in red. You can use running stitch or any stitch you are familiar with.

As you sew your stitches by the red candle’s light chant:

  • ‘By St Valentine,

  • I would that love true and strong is mine,

  • I wish that with every stitch a lover’s heart will find in me,

  • It’s own dear repository.

  • My heart will love and ever be true,

  • Now come lover find me and woo,

  • So mote it be.’

Let your candle burn down then dispose of it. Place your red stitched heart into a container and bury it by moonlight. Now keep your eyes open and you will soon find your Valentine.

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