scam : the Truth of this scammer!

On spsreviewforum site, I found this interesting post from 2012 :


Dolly Phillips /


I am new to this site. I am thinking of using California witch to help me bring back my boyfriend. Her name is Tuesday. Her website is She is very expensive. Has anyone worked with her before and did you get the desired results?

Any information will be greatly appreciated!


I read all the posts.. I was curious, is this person a real scammer? The answer is yes! I am bringing up this old post because in 2019 she is STILL scamming people! Not many people dig up information to see if a spell caster is a scammer or not, they go by their gut. I thought I would blog how she works her scams (and she is pricy!)

You see her beautiful website and think “I wonder if she is legit? The site seems to be! She does say she is a real witch!” Or you found her youtube video. Watching it , she seems legit, right? So then you contact her. She will say she needs $50 dollars and she will do a 1-hour meditation. You call her back and she will say “I am glad you called me. I will take the case”.

Her videos say “IF she takes the case…” the truth is, she takes everyone’s cases over the years.


the posts that tells about the scam, the same exact scam as listed below, she uses the same speech.:

Then she changes her pricy fees for spell work. $550 is usually what she starts with. You pay her. You talk to her on the phone every day for a few moments . She is doing ‘energy’ reading from talking to you.

She will say “spells are look good. That person loves you… “ this goes on for a few weeks and then she says:

“There is a lot of evil. The person has had Voodoo casted on them. I need a pink crystal. $10K (on spsreviewforum, she asked one person for $20K). My covent and I will be surrounding the crystal each day and night to remove the negative energy.

“Oh no! We can’t have that” you respond to her. “But I don’t have that kind of money”.

“How much do you have?” You say a low amount.. maybe $800. “Okay. I can take the $800 as a downpayment for now.”

You pay her the $800. Again, weeks of “Spells are looking good. They are fighting. They hate each other… it is working like planned”

She will tell you not to talk to that person. Let them come to you. Because you really want that person, you are weak and you will do what Miss Phillips (Tuesday/ Dolly) says..

Then she says “A spirit dagger is needed to put those voodoo energy spirits back in their place for good so then the real work begins”

“How much?” You ask

“$1500.” (I have seen other fees she charges for the same thing on other websites).

“How long does it take?” You ask

“About a week”

You really want to be with that person so like a fool you are, you pay that amount. She officially at this point has $2300 + 50 + 550. A week later “Payment?” She texts you.

Yeah, that $2300 + 50 +550 wasn’t enough.. the crystal and dagger are not the only forms of payment. She wants an additional monthly payments of $550. And daily calls of “spells are working; they are fighting…”

Then she brings up the rootwork , another $5K-$10K.

And then you say “nothing is happening, I want a refund”

She says “Sorry, you brought in the negativity. No refunds”

That is how her scam works.


Sisters Eve? Yep that is her. She owns a brick and motor physic place. She has another . I will not list it here.

California Witch? Yep that is her.

She has many websites. some that do not exist and some that do exist.

just be careful of this scam artist! she will take thousands of dollars, all to bring hope to you, in the end, it was always a scam.

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