Ashra : Known Scammer For Years

Ashra Koehn is a Scammer, she has a forum on her site ( that most, if not all, posts are herself, to boost her website, meanwhile, across the internet, she has been posted over the years, as a scammer. She makes threats to people who expose her, why? She is doing something wrong! Taking people’s money because they are feeling down and want hope. You should NEVER pay for spells; you can do them yourself!

She has removed herself on wayback machine, to prove that she is a scammer. However, posts on ripoffreport, scambook, pissedconsumer and others, stay on the internet forever. So, you can’t remove everything!

I am very sorry to anyone who brought her spells;

she is on trustpilot (why is Trust Pilot letting her run her scam business ? They should shut her down!:

notice: She removes any negative reviews. IN fact, I have noticed several ‘African phone numbers’ that gets posted, for spam review, and when I did a google search with that number and “Ashra” , it appears it was herself posting the spam review. Smart scammer she is!

she is also on  fiveer (as of middle October 2018, the page is gone! Good!) (she owns the domain, it is now attached to:, (note: no longer redirects. She still owns it!)

She also owns:

Here is a list of some of the complaints that I found:

Each month, there are new complaints added (she likes to make ones that say people are impersonating her. Not true. at. all. She also creates websites, unheard ones, and posts that these people are using her ‘fame’. Those websites she also owns).

These are some of the older and well-known bit:

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